Android Development

Thanks to your support, we now have EIGHT apps on the Android Market!!

Make sure you check them out: Pediatripedia, Veterinary IV Fluids, Locale Roaming Plug-In, Locale Dial Plug-In, Locale Previous Situation Plug-In, Locale Voice Call Volume Plug-In, Locale Screen Auto-Rotate Plug-In, and Locale Haptic Feedback Plug-In.
You can find them in the market by searching for each one individually, or you can find them all by searching "pub:drmbw". If you are on your Android phone right now, just do it by clicking here!

If you were trying to get some help on how to use one of our apps, just click on help in the lower section of this page.

Check out some screen shots bellow!

Locale Roaming Plug-In screen shots:

Locale Previous Condition Plug-In screen shots:

Please check back later for other products!!!

Also, if you have any ideas on how we can improve, please email us directly: support at
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